Frequently Asked Questions

Is drone legal to fly?

Every country has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to flying drones. I have listed some general "good habits" to follow when it comes to flying drones, even if it is not explicitly required in your country:

  • Keep distance from airports!
  • Make sure you have a special drone liability insurance
  • Keep the drone always in mind. Fly by no means out of sight! If you use an FPV system, then you have a second person following the copter without technical gear
  • Fly only in good weather conditions
  • Respect the privacy of other people
  • If you want to start from private property, you must get the permission of the landowner before the flight
  • Do not fly over crowds (beaches, towns, meetings, …)
  • Do not operate near politically sensitive buildings, prisons, police and military installations, courts, nuclear power plants or at accident sites

What is GPS drone Vs non-GPS drone?

The same principle applies to achieving more stable flight.

A drone without GPS is much more blown off course by breezes, and the pilot has to work much harder to maintain a straight, smooth flight path.

The GPS, however, helps the drone to stay on course much more smoothly and steadily by identifying where it is. GPS is the single most effective flight assist and navigation tool currently in use on flying machines.

Can I pick up an order in person?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we operate strictly on a digital space. It allow us to offer reasonable priced products and reach a wide range of customers around the world - means we get to spread the joy beyond boundaries.

Who can I contact to inquire about an online order?

All online order questions can be sent to our Support team at

What determines if something is a 'special order'?

A special order is any item that is not in our inventory at the time of purchase and needs to be ordered on your behalf. Special orders are final sale and cannot be cancelled or returned.

Will my credit card be charged immediately?

No. Once we have confirmed stock for your order as well as shipping information then your order will be processed and your credit card will be charged. Your order will ship shortly thereafter.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

Once your order has been processed and charged shipping arrangements are made. You will receive an email with all of the tracking information once the item(s) has shipped. If your order has multiple shipments (some items ship from different locations) you will receive tracking numbers for each portion of your order.

Why has this item not shipped yet?

While we do our best to fulfill all orders within two (2) business days after they are placed, our inventory is constantly changing in order to respond to your needs. It is important to us to offer you the widest selection possible and to fulfill each and every order. It may sometimes take us a bit longer to ship some of the items you have ordered, as we want to ensure that we do everything possible in order to locate them. As soon as items have shipped you will receive an email with the tracking information.

What if I need to change my order?

Order changes must be received within 24 hours of placement of the original order. Changes or requests made after 24 hours may not be accepted. If your order has already been processed, you will need to refer to our Return Policies portion. Please send all order changes or requests to:

What if I want to cancel my order?

You have the option of cancelling an item that you have ordered that has not yet been shipped and your credit card has not been charged. This does not apply to Final Sale items such as hygiene items, car seats, special orders, furniture orders. A member of our Support team would be happy to try and accommodate you. They can be reached at

What if I miss the delivery and want my order redelivered?

All orders are shipped with UPS, FedEx or Canada Post. The shipping companies attempt delivery three times. If they are unsuccessful in their attempts the package will be held for a short time at their depot and then shipped back to the store. If this occurs the customer is responsible for any re-delivery charges.

What if I am looking to return an item?

Once your order has been received you may return it to us for a refund. Please note that final sale items (special orders, car seats, personal care products, hygiene items, clearance items etc. are not eligible for returns or credits). For return instructions, please visit our Returns & Exchanges page. Please also note that shipping charges are non-refundable.

What if my order arrives damaged?

If your order arrives and the packaging is clearly damaged please sign the delivery slip "Damaged" and contact our Support team If the damages are not noticed until the package is opened, not to worry, please still let our Support team know. Please include your order number and contact information. Please note that in most cases, images of the damages are required. This is necessary for our records, the manufacturer's and the shipping carrier if an item was damaged in transit. Depending on the product and amount of damage or defect, a replacement part or a brand new unit will be sent to you as soon as possible!

What are final sale items?

For safety, health and hygienic reasons, some products are final sale. For a complete list please see our Returns & Exchanges section. Final sale items include (but are not limited to) car seats, breast pumps and accessories, personal care items, sale and clearance items, special order items, pre-order items and hygiene items.

Am I able to pick up my online purchase in store?

We operate strictly in the digital space and do not have any physical locations at this time.